Corporate finance activities

We advise on both the sales and purchases of businesses. Our advice includes:

  • Advice on tax structure;
  • Valuation and pricing;
  • Assistance in negotiations;
  • Bringing buyers and sellers together.

The tax treatments for buyer and seller can hold surprises: we can advise on appropriate structures to meet the desired objectives.

Business valuation is a core skill in providing corporate finance advice: we are experienced in such valuations and can provide realistic advice to buyers and sellers.

We advise on alternative structures to bridge the gap between views on value.

A transaction is only likely to run to completion if both parties agree to the same transaction at an early stage: we assist in the negotiations and we produce detailed heads of terms, for agreement, in order to ensure that the deal is agreed by both parties. We assist in seeking out buyers and sellers in business transactions.

Auditing activities

The audit is a methodical procedure of independently examining the financial information of an entity with the aim of giving an opinion on true and fair view. We help to clarify any issues, which refers to all the entities, regardless of their size, structure, nature and form.

We make a critical, unbiased investigation of each and every aspect of the transaction, i.e. vouchers, receipts, account books and related documents are verified, in order to spot the validity and reliability of the financial statement.

Moreover, we can help to find out errors and frauds or deliberate manipulation in accounts or misappropriation etc. can also be detected through detailed scrutiny. After the complete inspection of accounting books and financial records, we will give an opinion in the form of a report.

Tax Consultancy

Businesses, though wishing to maximize tax efficiency, must give greater regard to the correct and robust implementation of tax structures and the public’s perception of their tax contribution. Clients come to us for our strategic support – we have extensive cross-border experience and knowledge of legal and tax regimes around the world. We enjoy solving complicated problems and working with you to achieve your business objectives in whichever area you need our advice, including:




Intellectual property structuring

Risk management

Regulatory and compliance work

Other activities auxiliary to financial services

More and more entrepreneurs are currently thinking how to attract additional funds to their business. It's possible that You want to develop a project, but it requires an addition financial resources. Often, entrepreneurs unknowingly all the options, dismiss with a hand and stops the development of the project. We will help of EvexA you find the resources for the project development. Our financiers and lawyers will take care of it and will help to restructure your business or adapt a new project without in our clients ' interests.

Public relations and communication activities

We provide a full range of integrated communications and public relations support for clients including leading blue chip companies, industry associations, EU institutions and NGOs. Among our areas of expertise are:

  • Design and Print Production
  • Content Creation
  • Speech and Presentation Support
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Video production
  • Events Management
  • Research
  • International Affairs
  • Issues and Crisis Management
  • Leadership Counsel
  • Media Relations
  • Media Training
  • Advocacy
  • Political Communications
  • Internal Communications
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Thought Leadership

Other professional, scientific and technical activities

EvexA will provide you with all the activities related to the management consultancy, advertising and market research. Moreover, if needed EvexA will help you to connect with the experts from the architectural, engineering, technical testing and analysis services.